Tordon Ljud


Tordon Ljud is a distributor of obscure sounds located in the northern parts of Sweden.

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If you feel uncomfortable using the webstore, simply send an e-mail (or us the "contact us" function where you state A) What you want to order, B) Your address and C) How you would like to pay. 


Q: What about the shipping costs?
A: You are responsible for calculating the shipping costs. Every item includes information about its weight, meaning that when you check out you have to calculate the total weight and choose the suitable shipping rate. Example: You would like to pay for three cassettes - 70x3 = 210 grams.  

Q: I would like to pay using EURO/USD/JPY/GBP. Is that possible?
A: You are welcome to pay with other currencies - contact information is available below.

Q: I would like to pay via bank transfer. May I do so?
A. Yes, it is encouraged for especially Swedish people. Choosing to pay via bank transfer means that you will pay slightly less, as there will be no Paypal fees. 

Q: Could you hold some items for me?
A: Yes, it is possible to reserve items. Send an e-mail. See 'Contact Us'.

Q: I do not trust my national postal service. Is registered airmail with tracking available?
A: Absolutely. See 'Contact Us'.

Q: What happens after I have placed an order? 
A: You will receive a confirmation e-mail saying that your order is soon with you. Orders are usually shipped within 2-3 business days.

Q: Is there any way I can receive updates about new items?
A: To receive continuous updates, please follow Tordon Ljud on Facebook or better yet sign up for the mailing list.