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Altar Of Flies - Rörelsen Mellan Rummen (LP)

Altar Of Flies - Rörelsen Mellan Rummen (LP)

170 SEK
Järtecknet - 29 - 2016 - SWE

“A decade has now gone by since Mattias Gustafsson released his first recording under the name of Altar of Flies.Since then, he has carved out a very own unique approach to experimental music, with an unmistakable artisicexpression. The new Lp, "Rörelsen mellan rummen”, is no exception to this claim. With an astonishing precisionand sensibility for details, “Rörelsen mellan rummen” is definately one of his finest moments so far. We areinvited to the inner corners of a musical universe where the dull replicas of today´s hollowed out experimental"scene" are left far behind. With intriguing sound collages and tape manipulations, “Rörelsen mellan rummen” takes the formula of the pastto even higher levels. With a more crystallized sound than ever, the dense and restrained compositions on “Rörelsenmellan rummen” provides a new milestone in an impressive artistic trajectory."