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Dino Spiluttini - Forever (CS)

Dino Spiluttini - Forever (CS)

85 SEK
No Rent Records - NRR84 - 2018 - USA

"On Forever, Austrian composer Dino Spiluttini navigates the pathos of feeling trapped in limbo; waiting weeks for new meds to have an effect, slowly exchanging them for others when they never do, waiting weeks for those to work in turn, seemingly coasting ad infinitum. Though such experiences have informed Spiluttini's other forthcoming albums made during the same period - No Horizon (Umor Rex) and Ceremony (ACR) - Forever perhaps analogises the ordeal most purely and fully.

As bases for further composition, tape loops have often populated previous Spiluttini releases, such as To Be a Beast (Cut Surface, 2017). This time, however, composition begins and (never) ends with the loops themselves, trapping witnesses in the inertia of the same restless, revolving emotional routines; the same dread and fatigue of awaiting change as, meanwhile, everyday demands pile indifferently up.

The loops collected on side A all originate with recordings of guitar and Roland Juno 106, while those of side B all originate with piano. Distortion, tape textures, physical manipulations and cascading reverb complete Spiluttini's portrayal of a haze of endless expectation and longing. -Edward Trethowan

Digital version includes two additional tracks. Two color layered print on clear cassette shells."