Tordon Ljud
Existence In Decline - Kunlangeta (CS)

Existence In Decline - Kunlangeta (CS)

70 SEK
Cipher Productions - (sic 76) - 2013 - AUS

"“Kunlangeta was initially recorded at the request of Nolan/Kakerlak for Thorax Harsh Cassettes. It is 46 minutes of long-form fast-paced relentless harsh noise in the vein of K2, Pain Jerk, and Ahlzagailzehguh, painstakingly recorded and constructed over the course of a full year from late 2008 to late 2009. It is the first release under the new meaning of E.I.D.: Existence in Decline”. Another release in my line of specially packaged cassettes, electrical wiring and cable ties securing a sleeved cassette to artwork-adorned Corflute. Edition of 60 copies."


This item weighs: 70 grams.