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Filthy Turd - Forty Six In Use Louise (CS)

Filthy Turd - Forty Six In Use Louise (CS)

70 SEK
Team Boro Tapes - - - 2016 - SWE

" Darren Wyngarde has been recording under the moniker Filthy Turd for well over a decade by now, and in terms of style his output covers pretty much every sub genre in the mess you'd call noise music these days. These shifts however has nothing to do with anxious trend awareness or whatever. My guess is that the guy is just more restless than the rest of us. There's this certain unmistakable smell and air of lunacy in everything he does, regardless of the methods and tools in use. Rythmic lo-fi industrial echoing the '80s, broken and badly strummed guitars, hijokaidanesque all out screech, wobbly tape journeys and subliminal indecipherable messages from hell knows where or whom; Filthy Turd in 2016 is a project that sounds free above all."

This item weighs: 70 grams.