Tordon Ljud

Gerritt Wittmer - Unknowns (CS)

85 SEK
No Rent Records - NRR21 - 2016 - USA

"Gerritt Wittmer embraces his narrative impulses on this short but dense tape. Each moment of “Unknowns” is surprising, combining Wittmer’s aktionistic vocal palette (hyperventilation, catatonic humming, garbled declarations) with grainy fuzz, ominous tonal washes, decisive edits, asymmetrical sound sequences, and loops that just keep looping, each iteration extended via unnerving, ever-lengthening pockets of silence. “Unknowns” melds the most stimulating tactics of both the Schimpfluch Gruppe and Francisco Meirino while sounding very little like either. Only 20 minutes long, but packed with more ideas, atmospheres, and distinctive moments than you’ll find in any six other tapes you bought this week." - Chris Sienko


This item weighs: 70 grams.