Tordon Ljud

Hiroshi Hasegawa/Leid-Linie - Split (CD)

Cipher Productions - sic 86 - 2016 - AUS

"Over the first half of this CD Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro, C.C.C.C., Mortal Vision, etc.) proves just why he is considered a master of the noise idiom. Through textural manipulation of feedback, corrupt electronics and junk metals, "Unconditional Surrender" is as virulent as anything in his impressive 25+ year career.  Undeterred, Leid-Linie - the rebranding of Sascha Mandler's respected Izanami's Labour Pains project - responds with four tracks of finessed cut-up noise abundant with dynamic tension and wrenching juxtaposition. Edition of 100 CDs with cover artwork by Malsonus mainman Jonathan Canady."


This item weighs: 70 grams.
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