Tordon Ljud

Inbound 18/6

See below for a list of titles to be distributed. Check back once in a while as the list is updated regularly. You may reserve - but only if you actually intend to purchase. Mail to: tordonljuddistro AT

Updated 18/6 (new titles underscored):

Tordon Ljud:

Wince - The Older Generation (LP)
Graustich - Morality Ends (LP, special edition)


Fusty Cunt:

Mania/Deterge - Lay Waste/Future Of Pulse (LP, FC)

New Forces:

Mass Marriage - Secrets (tape, NF)
Personage 77 - Cock Museum (tape, NF)
Striations - Vietnamization (tape, NF)
Celluloid Murder - Celluloid Muder's Magnificent Garden (tape, NF)
Wince - Bullets For German Radio (tape, NF)

Freak Animal: - Electric Current (LP, FA)
Rotat - Grease District (CD, FA)
Wonderland Club - Pageant (tape, IOPS)
MoTe - Cuffs (CD, IR)
MoTe - Life In A Peaceful New World (CD, IR)
Deathkey/88MM - Split (CD, FA)

No Rent Records:

Irregular arrivals of all tape titles. Get in touch if you are interested in something.

Legless: (don't know when)

Legless - Kill All Believers (tape, Fusty Cunt)
Legless - Residual Damage II (tape, self-released)
Legless - self-released tape