Tordon Ljud

Inbound (15/8)

See below for a list of titles to be distributed. Check back once in a while as the list is updated regularly. You may reserve - but only if you actually intend to purchase. Mail to: tordonljuddistro AT

Updated 15/8 (new titles underscored):

Audio Dissection:

Kazumoto Endo - Live At Sendai Contemporary Museum (S/Sided LP, AD)
Various - Noise War (4CD, AD)

No Rent Records:

Brett Naucke - Operator Voices (tape, NRR)
Bucket Of Piss - s/t (tape, NRR)
Peter Vincent & A.F. Jones - Magnifico (tape, NRR)

Monorail Trespassing:

Shredded Nerve - Bleeding From The Head (tape, MT)
Still Image - Without (tape, MT)
Stroker - Dolores (tape, MT)
Hostage Pageant - Extinguisher (tape, MT)
Gene Pick - Adhesion Coefficient (tape, MT)

Forever United:

Vattenskalle - tape (FU)
Henrik Soderstrom/Augusti Leven - part two collaboration tape (FU)
Quack Quack - tape (FU)

Self Abuse Records:

Hanged Man's Orgasm - Secrets (tape, SAC)
Hanged Man's Orgasm - Mystery (tape, SAC)
Scar Crowe - A Cold Night's Death (tape, SAR)
Kazuma Kubota - Dis-Connected (CD, NCM)