Tordon Ljud

Inbound 17/1

See below for a list of titles to be distributed. Check back once in a while as the list is updated regularly. You may reserve - but only if you actually intend to purchase. Mail to: tordonljuddistro AT

Updated 17/1 (new titles underscored):

Tordon Ljud:

Graustich - Morality Ends (LP, TL) + special edition


Dead Gods:

Blood Burning - Stung In Coma (tape, DG)
Plague Mother - No Balm In Gilead (tape, DG)
Oozing Meat - Contaminated (tape, DG)
Blind Date - Levitation Form (tape, DG)
Cominform - Brigade 2506 (tape, DG)
Breaking The Will - Affinities (tape, DG)


Legless - Kill All Believes (tape, Fusty Cunt)
Legless - Residual Damage II (tape, self-released)
Legless - self-released tape