Tordon Ljud
Iron Fist Of The Sun - Blush (CD)

Iron Fist Of The Sun - Blush (CD)

105 SEK
Freak Animal - - - 2016 - FIN

"Reissue of the highly sought after cassette from 2010 (Ltd x 120 copies, Unrest Prods). The synth driven power electronics of IFOTS is hard to define and is not instant on the ears. "Blush" followed and evolved from the debut CD "Behavioural Decline" on Cold Spring (2009). There is no in your face harsh approach here, IFOTS takes a much more subtle route than that and is all the more challenging for it. Comes with a bonus live version of Feel The Boot. Shocking pink digipak with spot-varnished artwork."


This item weighs: 70 grams.