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Kazumoto Endo - Live At Sendai Contemporary Museum (S/Sided 12")

Kazumoto Endo - Live At Sendai Contemporary Museum (S/Sided 12")

180 SEK
Audio Dissection - AD16 - 2017 - ITA

"Audio Dissection is really proud to present this one-of-a-kind 12" vinyl record, a testament of a glorious Endo-san performance held in 1999 at the Sendai Contemporary Museum, Sendai (Japan). In the same year the CD "While You Were Out" was released, a milestone which set highest quality harsh noise on a whole new level and that still today, almost 20 years later, it is regarded as a pinnacle of the genre. This live recording shows once again an artist on fire, both in studio as well on stage, with usual master-control over his sharp and abrasive electronics. A delightful mangle to the fanatic's earholes with non-stop assault of metal scrap feedbacks and powerful, crushing walls of distortions. Thankfully to the excellent quality of this recording an abundance of sonic details can be fully appreciated, as well as the explosive live energy and physical feeling deeply experienced. I had the honor to listen to most of Killer Bug/Kazumoto Endo 90's documented live recordings and I'd say this is "sound-wise" among his absolute best. Pressed on heavyweight half/half - black/milky clear with black, white and cokebottle green splatters 12" (180g). Limited 250."