Tordon Ljud

Matthew Revert - Illness Seminars (CS)

No Rent Records - NRR48 - 2017 - USA

"On Matthew Revert's new album 'Illness Seminars', one enters a space where accumulations of sound cluster around you, seemingly absolute and meaningful as you experience them, only to disappear as you proceed. The particular environment one is in might be a bar where people have refused to be quiet for the band and so the band refuses to actually play, and so one goes outside, comes back in, goes to the john, goes to the bar, has a drink, has a drink. No matter what, the listener has a sense that they and their choices are responsible for what is occurring on the tape. You cannot deny your responsibility. In this environment sound can be understood almost statistically, with location and frequency of occurrence denoting just how ill you really are. - Gabi Losoncy"


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