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Muyassar Kurdi - Travelling (CS)

Muyassar Kurdi - Travelling (CS)

85 SEK
No Rent Records - NRR63 - 2018 - USA

""Travelling” is the sonic foraging of New York based improvisers Muyassar Kurdi and Nicholas Jozwiak. Comprised mostly of the interplay between Kurdi’s phonetic incessantness and vocal toning with Jozwiak’s growling textures and tones on the cello and bass, the record feels like a searchlight in the dark spotting small holes or cracks in the aural landscape that Kurdi and Jozwiak gleefully hone in on and pile drive deep to create moveable foundations. At other times it feels more like a kind of exercise in echolocation, a calling out to the environment to see what kind of information they will receive in order better understand their surroundings and inform their future navigation. Overtones, microtones, raw gravel-y textures, wobbly phrasing along with pointed and sharp repetitions, volume fluctuations are all over this record with moments of Kurdi and Jozwiak following each other and then losing each other to eventually come back together again. “Travelling” is a movement through and through, an unsettling and a passing, an experiment in motion. Yet it is executed with such a fierce playfulness that is most definitely not about “getting anywhere.” In fact, after listening to this record you might question why you would ever consider settling down at all. Keep moving~~ and highly recommended.

-Ka Baird"