Tordon Ljud
Neurasthenia - Psychological Reincarnation (CS)

Neurasthenia - Psychological Reincarnation (CS)

70 SEK
Trapdoor Tapes - TT114 - 2017 - AUS

"Trapdoor Tapes brings you the debut release by Neurasthenia a new band made up of Hiroshi Hasegawa (C.C.C.C., Astro, Mortal Vision, Nord), Luke Holland (Armour Group, Mshing, Word Of Life Church SS) and Thomas Miller (Word Of Life Church SS, Psychward). Psychological Reincarnation is just under 60 minutes of sheer industrial sonic violence and Harsh bludgeoning analog bursts. While the B side takes you through vile atmospheric industrial style neurosis. Recorded live with no overdubs during Mshing & Psychward's tour of Japan, in 2016. Neurasthenia's first offering is for fans of industrial noise in the old vein."