Tordon Ljud
Ochu - Tvärsnitt (CS)

Ochu - Tvärsnitt (CS)

70 SEK
Verlautbarung - mitteilung 38K7 - 2017 - SWE

"This first full length work is in detail somewhat of a continuation of the geological themes recently touched upon by the Stein-compilation. Ochu's characteristic take on industrial noise; rotten, distortion-drenched and part frantic, has been slightly derailed in favor of longer tracks with a strong narrative edge. A more rough and delirious A-side, with shriveled loops from found sounds and field recordings, stand against a B-side comprised of organic metal scrape improvisations and electronics, here executed with the help of two additional members. Trying to breath life into something seemingly dead and void of sound has been an underlying focus throughout the work."