Tordon Ljud

Phocomelus - Gross Indecency (CS)

70 SEK
New Forces - 53 - 2017 - USA

"Phocomelus is the new solo project of Patrick O'Neil, who as a member of the legendary Skin Crime helped to define the sound of harsh noise in the 90's. Somehow Phocomelus manages to live up to the that impressive legacy, offering a unique and fresh approach that is grounded in classic American harsh noise. With Phocomelus O'Neil constructs oppressively heavy walls of sound. Metal and static crash and rumble, fried electronics layering impossibly high and stopping you in your tracks. There are dynamics in the seams and cracks, but the overall effect is one of unrelenting violence, something for the true wall-riders."


This item weighs: 70 grams.