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Pool - Jim Day Upholsterer (CS)

Pool - Jim Day Upholsterer (CS)

85 SEK
No Rent Records - NRR61 - 2017 - USA

"To Whom it may Concern,
Regarding the Band “Pool”

For Immediate Release
From the Desk of Brian Blomerth

Have you ever seen the movie, “Multiplicity”? It’s a great film. This tape would perfectly score that movie as an Opera. Wrrrrrrrrr goes the Lawnmower as Micheal Keaton clones himself to be stupider and more precise. (Mimicking the buzz of home cassette but more on this later…)
Have some fun with that phrase. Merk it. Squeeze it. Whisper it softly in an acquaintance’s ear and they will surely be a friend for “Life.”
Right before you go into the trash can to look for an ATM you hear your 42nd “Shave Sound” of the day. That’s the Pool.
Alex “Nice Life” Tominsky isn’t fooling anyone on this recording, he’s simply stunning here as he is in his day to day life. His contribution of a wet pool noodle on a baking sheet is simply one for the ages. Now what about Ren “Giggling” Schofield? He contributes nothing but a warm smile. Christopher “Hi” Forgues adds his classic tenor of turning a lamp on fast and then slow. It’s truly incredible sonically. Then we have, Eric “Kissyface” Grieshaber who does an impersonation of a duck on this tape that will turn even the most cynical of listerners into staunch “duckheads”. Be the Mallard you want to see in the world. All in all…I learned something listening to this…the best/most terrifying ideas are best listened too on a riding lawnmower stuck in the snow. Appliances are God. Shave your brother. Play this at your next party where you convince your roommate he’s not real.

*Dictated but not read,

Brian Blomerth"