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Radboud Mens - Cycle (CS)

Radboud Mens - Cycle (CS)

85 SEK
No Rent Records - NRR20 - 2016 - USA

"Radboud Mens is someone I've known for about twenty years now, ever since he walked into Staalplaat and volunteered in our shop and later on did mail-order for us. In his early days he did some great noise that involved vinyl and a dog brush, later on some brilliant minimal techno (some of which I released on Audio.NL, a label which I ran in the late 90s/early 00s with Roel Meelkop and Peter Duimelinks) and a few years ago he had a fine, yet much overlooked ambient/guitar/laptop release 'Fitness Landscape', which he recorded with Dan Armstrong. Radboud just mailed me 'Cycle', his latest release, and he stretches out even more into ambient land here. Nine pieces of gentle sounds, made no doubt with the use of laptops and electronics; music that is not very obtrusive, but works rather along the lines of Brian Eno, 12K, Line and White Paddy Mountain - any of the latter three labels could have released this. Whereas much of the current wave of ambient music seems to be about processing acoustic instruments, it seems to me that Radboud uses primarily electronic sounds to create a similar effect. I might be wrong of course. This is some excellent ambient music to wake up to." - Frans de Waard


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