Tordon Ljud

Sale 13/6

Send an e-mail when ordering (tordonljuddistro AT live DOT com. Obviously you can combine the items below with other items in the webstore. Postage is 45 SEK for as many items as you like (tapes/CDs/7") but more expensive when ordering LPs.

CD: 40 SEK each

Guilty Connector - Bottom Down (CD, Gravity Swarm Recordings)
Guilty Connector - Lands #2/#4 (CD, Gravity Swarm Recordings)
Immaculate:Grotesque - Circles (CD, Truculent Recordings)
Human Larvae - Womb Worship (CD, L. White Records)
Jason Crumer - Walk With Me (CD, Misanthropic Agenda)
Lasse Marhaug - The Quiet North (CD, Second Layer Records)
SSRI - Swollen By Noise (CD, Filth & Violence)
Trepaneringsritualen - Veil The World (CD, Cold Spring)
Unclean - Syntiinlankeemus (CD, Filth & Violence)
Will Over Matter - Massiivisen Koston Doktriini (CD, Bestial Burst)
Will Over Matter - Might Of The Planet Eather (2CD, Bestial Burst)

Vinyl: 30 SEK each

Dieter Muh - Aakal (7", Harbinger Sound)
FVRtvr - Following Shapes To The Edge Of A Drift (LP, Discombobulate)
Mist - Glowing Net (12", Amethyst Sunset)
NTHnth STHsth - s/t (LP, Release The Bats Records)
Taeter - The Hunt Has Gone Full Circle (7", Narcolepsia)