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The following items are on sale. Use the drop-down menu to add the desired item(s) to your cart. 40 SEK per item.

Each item weighs 70 grams except for the Djinn-box and Deviant-box (210 grams).


VCOBT - Find New Homes (7", Blame The Victim)
Taeter - The Hunt Has Gone Full Circle (7", Narcolepsia)
Propergol - Tormentor (7", Nuit Et Brouillard)


MAAAA - Decay And Demoralization (CD, Mind Flare Media)
Sky Burial - Corranach (CD, Reverse Alignment)
Jarl - Case 1959 - Dyatlov (double-CD, Reverse Alignment)
Jarl - Amygdala Colours: Hemisphere Rotation (CD, Reverse Alignment)
K2 - Junk-A-Tohgenkyo (CD, Cipher Productions)
K2 - Tamayura (CD, Gravity Swarm Recordings)
Pulse Detonations - Through Conscious Neural Interference (CD, Haang Niap Records)
Sluice Room - Antinatalist Variations (CD, Sink Slop Processing)
Sluice Room - s/t (CD, Sink Slop Processing)
Sluice Room - Shaved And Lubricated Hospice (CD, Sink Slop Processing)
Ride For Revenge/Bizarre Uproar - s/t (CD, F&V; Bestial Burst)
Will Over Matter/Bizarre Uproar - s/t (CD, F&V; Bestial Burst)
Sick Seed - Technological Singularity (mCD, Untergeschoss; F&V)
Immaculate:Grotesque - Circles (CD, Truculent Recordings)
K2 - Concerto Grosso: Hate Piano (CD, Untergeschoss)
Fecalove - Great Northern War (CD, Untergeschoss)
Jason Crumer - Let There Be Crumer (CD, Second Layer Records)
Lasse Marhaug - The Quiet North (CD, Second Layer Records)


Djinn - Katharos/Technological Death (double-tape, SMRT Productions - severely damaged package: G+/VG!)
Various - Deviant (double-tape, Moral Defeat)
40 SEK