Tordon Ljud

Sale: Updated 7/1

Last sale we'll most likely ever do. First come first served. Additions in bold.

Send an e-mail when ordering (tordonljuddistro AT live DOT com). Obviously you can combine the items below with other items in the webstore. Postage is 45 SEK for as many tapes/CDs/7" items as you like but more expensive when ordering LPs (110 SEK for as many as you like + any amount of tapes/CDs/7"). Cheaper within Sweden, of course.

LP: 100 SEK each

Atrax Morgue - Cut My Throat (LP + CD, Urashima)
Burried Machine - Stoned Mirror (Rockatansky Records)
Ludo Mich, Wataru Kasahara, Kiyoharu Kuwuyama - Les Archives De L'Univers Amnesique Illustre (Discombobulate)
Pestdemon - Helvetesljust (Unrest Productions)
Shift/Hal Hutchinson - Full Weight Of The Opposition (10", Unsound Recordings)
Taklamakan vs. Umpio - Interaxion Venenosa (A Dear Girl Called Wendy)
Z.O. Voider - Tranz-Portal-Emissions (Mistake By The Lake Tapes)

Tapes: 40 SEK each

Ama Divers - An Echo In The Sound (No Rent Records)
Amanda R. Howland - Spider, Milk, Batshit, Silence (No Rent Records)
Bob Bellerue - Piano Gaucho (No Rent Records)
Brett Naucke - Operator Voices (No Rent Records)
Circle Of Shit/Edge Of Decay - Nahkaan Naulattu (Narcolepsia)
Deceiver - All We Are Is Worm Feed (Angst)
Dona Ferentes - Lucus A Non Lucendo (Joy De Vivre)
Emerson Murray - Three Girls (Skeleton Dust Recordings)
Existence In Decline - Kunlangeta (Cipher Productions)
Faster Detail - Phase Lock (No Rent Records)
Fecalove - Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Disclosures)
Flatline Construct - Crippled Officers (Where Late The Birds Sang)
Guilty Connector - Gold Land Trash (Kitty Play Records)
Gunther Valentine - Music For The Anthropocene (No Rent Records)
Henrik Soderstrom/August Leven - D.I. (Forever United)
Horoscope - Performance For Women (No Rent Records)
Lady Shame - Problem Child II (No Rent Records)
Modelbau - Lifeboat (No Rent Records)
Moisture Discipline - Elimination/Wasteland (Angst)
Mutilated Slut - Acid Attack (Terror)
Network Glass - 100busy (double-tape, No Rent Records - NOTE: 70 SEK)
Okha - Power Cannot Conquer Heaven (No Rent Records)
Peter Vincent & A.F. Jones - Magnifico (No Rent Records)
Radboud Mens - Cycle (No Rent Records)
Samantha Glass - Introducing The Confession (No Rent Records)
Soggy Serge - Episodes (Presh)
Stroker - Dolores (Monorail Trespassing)
Total Mom - We Fed The Pig My Music (No Rent Records)
Valise - FE II (No Rent Records)
Yan Jun - Europe (No Rent Records)
Yureka Cash - Social Capital (No Rent Records)
Umpio/Creation Through Destruction - Split (Antipatik Records)

CD/7": 40 SEK each

Government Alpha - Seventh Continent (Dotsmark)
Guilty Connector - Lands #2/#4 (CD, Gravity Swarm Recordings)
Heinz Hopf - Gothenburg (CD, Triangle)
Lasse Marhaug - The Quiet North (CD, Second Layer Records)
Streicher - Annihilism (Old Captain)

Drunk Elk - In The Tuscan Sun/Wings Of Winter (7", IDDB)
Glands Of External Secretion (7", IDDB)
Krube. - Untitled (7", IDDB)

LP: 30 SEK each

FVRtvr - Following Shapes To The Edge Of A Drift (LP, Discombobulate)
NTHnth STHsth - s/t (LP, Release The Bats Records)