Tordon Ljud
Samantha Glass - Introducing The Confession (CS)

Samantha Glass - Introducing The Confession (CS)

85 SEK
No Rent Records - NRR47 - 2017 - USA

"Images of despair, romance, loneliness (love) as concepts in modern electronics can emerge rarely, if so can seem daunting (forced). Madison, Wisconsin based artist Samantha Glass' personal works, on the contrary, have through the decade planted human emotion and now truly blossomed as "Introducing the Confession". Much like a "Pelléas et Mélisande" (more like a "Garlands") these heartstrings pull naturally toying with thoughts of fate, gender, interaction. Devereaux weaves gothic march songsmithing with signature dark ambience and sound collage seamlessly. One of my favorite pieces. This is the introduction."
- Collin Gorman Weiland. Shinjuku, Tokyo. April 2, 2017"


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