Tordon Ljud

Shocktilt #2/Neons #3 (Zine)

120 SEK

Includes extra zine!

Content :

No Trend, Stephen Bessac : Back On The Prowl part 2, Double Gay Porn Feature : Born to raise hell (1975), Poing de Force (1976), Savage Death, Thou Shalt Not Smile, DjScrew, The Toolbox Killers (Bittaker & Morris), When pornography is no longer enough, No one can hear you scream

Shocktilt #2

Content :

Deviation Social, Proiekt Hat/Hatband, Korpses Katatonik/Zero Kama/Nekrophile Rekords, Servile Ghost Tapes/Medical Data, L’Enfer est intime, Metgumbnerbone & The Curfew recordings, Last house on dead end street Ultra/Dom America/Slave State, Ulex Xane (Streicher/Zero Cabal), John Murphy : Rest in Power (Ulex Xane), Paul Kerin : Mutilated Victory , Bruno Cossano, Con-Dom, Genocide Organ: Archive Documents, The Deverills Nexion: Leanne, Karl N.E: Visions Of Dawn, The Grey Wolves, Picture Post Mortem: Blood Ov christ & Club Moral Live In Sundavall 1986 etc…


This item weighs: 210 grams.