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Slogun - Tearing Up Your Plans (CD)

Slogun - Tearing Up Your Plans (CD)

110 SEK
Old Captain - OCCD16 - 2015 - UKR

"Originally released over 15 years ago, “Tearing Up Your Plans” is a landmark release in the Slogun discography. Initially produced by the Armed and Loaded label (aka Sounds For Consciousness Rape) in 1999 in limited number with deluxe packaging, it is offered here as a four-panel Digipak CD with revised artwork. Old Captain is proud to revisit this full-length title with some of the strongest titles in the Slogun arsenal such as: “Scum Junkies”, “Slobland” and “You and I”. With the 20th anniversary of this American True Crime artist just around the corner, delve into some of the original material that set the Slogun path on its course through crime, self-loathing and the human animal’s worst traits. FTW."


This item weighs: 70 grams.