Tordon Ljud

SALE 22/10

Every title in the first row (with a few exceptions) costs 25 SEK. Every title in the second row costs 10 SEK. Postage for any number of articles is 45 SEK. 1 item or 100 items = 45 SEK. I Sverige är portot 35kr oavsett antalet artiklar.

Order by sending an e-mail to: tordonljuddistro AT live DOT com (you can of course combine the order with other items from the mailorder as well)

Row 1:


Burried Machine - Austin (Rockatansky Records)
Cloama - Neuroscan Organization/Blood Illumination (Industrial Recollections)
Facialmess/Scum - Hate Walking (OOO Sound)
Government Alpha - Spontaneous Combustion (L. White Records)
Grim Talkers - Grimy City (Gravity Swarm Recordings)
Guilty Connector - Lands #2/#4 (Gravity Swarm Recordings)
Network Glass - Vault (Hologram Label)
The Rita - Ballet Feet Positions (Old Europa Cafe)
Wertham/Slogun - By Blood:In Blood (Old Europa Cafe)
Will Over Matter - Massiivisen Koston Doktriini (Bestial Burst)
Dieter Muh - Aakal (7", Harbinger Sound)
Various - Epicurean Escapism II (CD + DVD, 95 SEK)

Row 2:


Bobby Flan - Pain Is A Language (Acid Casualty Productions)
Buffalomckee/Orifice - Split (Kasinihoyjem)
Drahog - Mega/lolz (Presh)
Microsleep - Gem Tactics (Unseen Force)
Olaf Seider - Hirnschmiede (New Band Underground Label)
Salmonella - Onkalo (Obakekoubou)
Salmonella/Corpoparassita - Split (Obakekoubou)
Transmerdunor - Lifting And Spanking Machine (Freuq Et Repreuq)
Vidine Ramybe - Austas Austesnis Auksciausias (Terror)
Zalhietzli/Proud Father - Split (Zugzwang Press)


Dovuaski - Tokyo, The Monochrome City (S.A.D)
E.X.I.S.T. (3CD, New Art Laboratory)
Seido - in 1994 (double-CD, New Art Laboratory)
Sluice Room - Antinatalist Variations (Sink Slop Processing)
Sluice Room - s/t (Sink Slop Processing)
The Holy Kiss - s/t (Hungry Eye Records)


Angeldust - s/t (7")
Buffalomckee - Clutter (CDr)
Hanna Hirsch/Young Fit Males - Split (7")
Kazuma Kubota/s.i.v. - s/t (Cipher Productions)
Like Rabbits - s/t (Kitty Play Records)
Noise Concrete - Satans Blues (7")
Propergol - Tormentor (7")
Taeter - The Hunt Has Gone Full Circle (7")
V.C.O.B.T. - Find New Homes (7")
Various - Secret Assembly (DVD)