Tordon Ljud

Sale (15/8)

Tordon Ljud will undergo a couple of (fairly) significant changes during the latter part of 2017. Therefore, Tordon is offering a major sale on a vast array of titles ranging from harsh noise to, well, alternative pop/rock. Every title costs 10 SEK and postage for any number of articles is 45 SEK. 1 item or 100 = 45 SEK. I Sverige är portot 35kr oavsett antalet artiklar.

Instead of creating a bulky drop-down menu, just write the name of the title(s) you want when you check out. For example: you want one item. Then add this "item" once and write the name of the title you're interested when you check out. If you want two items then add this "item" twice and write the titles you want when you check out.

You are, of course, more than welcome to simply send an e-mail too (tordonljuddistro AT live DOT com), or add anything to an already existing pile you may have here. You can, naturally, also combine this with everything else Tordon Ljud is distributing. Just make sure to choose the correct postage.

There are a couple of nice gems here (and a fair bit of rubbish), so do not hesitate for too long as the majority of the titles are down to the last copy. This list will be updated occasionally. New additions in bold.



Bimetal Collector - 052.2281.1 (Unseen Force)
Bobby Flan - Pain Is A Language (Acid Casualty Productions)
Brouce Tetarette & Etat Grippaux - Falafel (Freuq et repreuq)
Buffalomckee/Orifice - Split (Kasinihoyjem)
Desolate Collapse - 1 (Atechts)
Desolate Collapse - 2 (Atechs)
Desolate Collapse - 3 (Atechts)
Desolate Collapse - 3 (Atechts)
Desolate Collapse - 5 (Atechts)
Deprivation/Autocancrena - Split (Angst)
Drahog - Mega/lolz (Presh)
Hate Poem & Komissar Hjuler Und Frau - Milk Craving Vampires (self-released)
Hendiadys - VIIV (Zugzwang Press)
Hive Of Wires - s/t (Kitty Play Records)
Leo Brochu - Cicatrix (New Forces)
Microsleep - Gem Tactics (Unseen Force)
Morkerseende - s/t (self-released)
Olaf Seider - Hirnschmiede (New Band Underground Label)
Prairie-Litiere/Hendiadys - Split (Zugzwang Press)
Retch - Obsessive Viewer/Obsessive Participant (Compulsion Rites)
Salmonella - Onkalo (Obakekoubou)
Salmonella/Corpoparassita - Split (Obakekoubou)
Tentaces Of God - s/t (Kitty Play Records)
Transmerdunor - Lifting And Spanking Machine (Freuq Et Repreuq)
Various - Aktion No 1 (Angst)
Vidine Ramybe - Austas Austesnis Auksciausias (Terror)
Yura Gorodezkii - Istra Train Pleasure (Hatets Dok)
X Eyes - Live At Mata (Kitty Play Records)
XXXX/Half Mile Down - Split (Untergeschoss)
Zalhietzli/Proud Father - Split (Zugzwang Press)


Decondition - Sukellan Tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiin (Force Majeure)
Dovuaski - Tokyo, The Monochrome City (S.A.D)
E.X.I.S.T. (3CD, New Art Laboratory)
Immaculate:Grotesque - Circles (Truculent Recordings)
Lasse Marhaug - The Quiet North (Second Layer Records)
Le Cose Bianche - Pornography Should Not Be An Illusion (Naked Lunch Records)
MAAAA - Decay And Demoralization (Mind Flare Media)
Mr. Natural - I Cooked Your Eggs (Gender-Less Kibbutz)
Ominami & Seido - Time Aspect II (New Art Laboratory)
Ostarbeiter - The Iron Era (double-CD, Steinklang Industries)
Positive Adjustments/Niwa - Dystopia (Axxe Records)
Seido - in 1994 (double-CD, New Art Laboratory)
Sick Seed - Technological Singularity (Untergeschoss, Filth & Violence)
Sluice Room - Antinatalist Variations (Sink Slop Processing)
Sluice Room - Shaved And Lubricated Hospice (Sluice Room Processing)
Sluice Room - s/t (Sink Slop Processing)
The Holy Kiss - s/t (Hungry Eye Records)
The Manila Garden Noises Album (New Art Laboratory)
Various - Tincture Of Japanoise (Attenuation Circuit)
Warmer Milks - Let Your Friends In (Release The Bats)
Wet Hair - Dream (Release The Bats Records)


Angeldust - s/t (7")
Buffalomckee - Clutter (CDr)
Goat/TEF - Split (7")
Hanna Hirsch/Young Fit Males - Split (7")
Kazuma Kubota/s.i.v. - s/t (Cipher Productions)
Like Rabbits - s/t (Kitty Play Records)
Noise Concrete - Satans Blues (7")
Propergol - Tormentor (7")
Psykopest - It's Alive (mini-CDr)
Taeter - The Hunt Has Gone Full Circle (7")
V.C.O.B.T. - Find New Homes (7")
Various - Secret Assembly (DVD)
10 SEK