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Sunken Cheek - Without Rejection (CS)

Sunken Cheek - Without Rejection (CS)

70 SEK
Angst - 39 - 2016 - ITA

"Rather prolific year for Sunken Cheek (Ithaca / NY) _ Weston Czerkies [also owner of the Prime Ruin label and involved in a handful of quality collaborations] has been perfecting his misery electronics since 2011 thru several releases (both on tape and wax) and the result is apparently gleaming more than ever. 
This work gathers two long compositions of pure harrowing  beauty completely drenched in dismal, based on a skillful combination of raw loops, crusty amplified metals, tapes, downhearted synths. Perfectly built tension that will finally collapse in sheer despair.  Fierce bitterness replaces empathy."   

This item weighs: 70 grams.